Unidata Material Design Theme

This project is based on github.com/squidfunk/mkdocs-material

Beautiful project documentation

Material is a theme for MkDocs, an excellent static site generator geared towards project documentation. It is built using Google's Material Design guidelines.

Material for MkDocs

Quick start

Install the latest version of Material with pip:

pip install mkdocs-unidata

Append the following line to your project's mkdocs.yml:

theme: 'unidata'

Then run the following commands (create and source the python environment for running mkdocs locally)

conda env create -f environment.yml
source activate mkdocs-unidata

Finally, serve the docs locally with the command

mkdocs serve

and then load the page locally at

What to expect

  • Responsive design and fluid layout for all kinds of screens and devices, designed to serve your project documentation in a user-friendly way with optimal readability.

  • Easily customizable primary and accent color, fonts, favicon and logo; straight forward localization through theme extension; integrated with Google Analytics, Disqus and GitHub.

  • Well-designed search interface accessible through hotkeys (F or S), intelligent grouping of search results, search term highlighting and lazy loading.


The Unidata Material theme adds extra variables for configuration via your project's mkdocs.yml on top of what MkDocs Material provides.

Color palette

The default color scheme attempts to match the existing Unidata home page color scheme. Primary color is set to (#07778f) in unidata/assets/stylesheets/application-b1a1975878.css.

You can specify the top-left logo file in mkdocs.yml:

  corner_logo: 'images/corner_logo.png'

where the file exists in your repo as docs/images/corner_logo.png.